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Easy Infant Sensory Bottles

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It was so much fun exploring infant sensory play. My sweet baby is growing and learning so fast. It is truly a joy every minute I share with her. I decided since she has spent this past week loving her sensory bottles it was time for some new ones. New feelings and sounds, new colors, a feast for her senses, that’s what I was going for.

Sensory Bottles for Babies

Easy Infant Sensory Bottles

I wanted something that was just enough though because babies can get over stimulated easy. I decided on beads. Babies love beads, but these kinds of beads aren’t safe for baby to play with on their own. I came up with 2 bottles of beads, one with white beads and the other a bottle of green and gold beads (for St. Patrick’s Day).
Easy Infant Sensory Play, DIY Sensory Bottles are perfect for babies and toddlers
The nice thing about having the two different bottles of beads other than the colors were the way the bottle felt and the sound that it made. The bottles will feel and sound different depending on how many beads you place in them. For the St. Patrick’s Day bottle the beads were a lot larger so it made a much different sound than the smaller slippery pearl-like beads.
Baby Bell is definitely enjoying her sensory bottles. I hope you have a child that can enjoy sensory play too.

St. Patrick’s Day Sensory Bottles

Exploring Montessori Sensory Play with Babies

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