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Pajaggle Fun Brain Game for Kids Learning

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Using games in your home is one of the best ways for kids to learn. But sometimes it’s hard knowing what game is actually worth it. We want games that will be fun and great for years, not just a one time play and then off to the top of the closet. So today I am sharing this great little gem I found called Pajaggle. It’s awesome!

Pajaggle Fun Brain Game

Pajaggle Fun Brain Game that is Fun for the Whole Family, Multi-sensory learning and educational game perfect forkids and homeschooling, fine motor skills game that works on concentration & more

The Pajaggle Board Game

A Brain Game that is Fun for the Whole Family

When I first got it I wasn’t sure what to expect, but after opening it up and reading one of the game cards I was excited to share it with the kids. You see we love the game perfection, but we’ve mastered it. Playing it is still fun, but it doesn’t offer all of the things that Pajaggle does.

You can start children off playing Pajaggle and just having a good time identifying and fitting the pieces. This is great for concentration and fine motor skills. So adding this into your homeschool day is a total win for everyone.

You can also have your kids play together using the same colored game pieces or make it more challenging and see who can get their pieces in first and win.

We love that it has a multi-sensory approach and provides so many educational benefits.

The multi-sensory process uses both sides of the brain which increases concentration, focus attention, and mental sharpness. It also promotes cognitive development by increased brain function. 


A Brain Game that is Fun for the Whole Family, Multi-sensory learning and fun perfect for family and homeschooling, Timberdoodle, Pajaggle, fine motor skills, concentration, & more


The game that thinks it’s a puzzle but is actually much more.

3 Games in One but I believe you can play this lots of different ways.

Solo Timed

Hand Wars: Race to fit your pieces in before your opponent.

Block-N-Bridge: Strategically connect your pieces across the board before your opponent (friend, mom, brother)

Pajaggle Fun Brain Game that is Fun for the Whole Family, Multi-sensory learning and fun perfect for family and homeschooling, fine motor skills, concentration, & more

In these pictures, we actually split the pieces up and worked together to fit them in. It was a lot of fun and the kids were so proud of themselves when they completed the board.

I love the explanation they give for including the game in the Kinder Package. Since it is a younger recommended age then what’s on the box.

“The visual perception skills taught with this game are so essential to building reading proficiency that we really wanted budding readers to have access to this kit.”

 Click here for more information 

I am so excited to continue to use this game at our house and I hope you get the chance to give it a try with your family. I am sure your kids will love it too.

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