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  • Animals and Continents Printables


    Montessori inspired Geography bundle is 39 pages of Hands-on Learning.

    It is filled with real-life animal pictures with seven color-coded Continents and cards. This animals and continents bundle is geared towards 3-6 year olds. You will have 3-part cards of each of the 7 Continents and animals that live on that Continent.

    You also get a control card for each Continent that is great for checking work or use for an object to picture matching for younger children. .

    The animals are beautiful real-life images perfect for use in a classroom or homeschool.

  • Self Care Routine Daily Visual Schedule Bundle


    Help your child gain confidence and independence with this Self-Care Routine Visual Schedule

    Benefits of Self Care Visual Cards

    • Eliminate Power Struggles

    • Routines and Daily Schedules Give Children a Sense of Security

    • Build Healthy Family Habits

    • Reinforces memory, Independence and Mental Organization 

    You can Provide Your Child with Tools to Become Responsible and Independent Adults

  • Practical Life Skills Sequencing Mats


    Practical Life Skills Sequencing Mats

    Life Skills mats are a great way to help children and adults practice sequencing skills.  These life skills sequencing mats will also help children to learn life skills, transition words, how to follow directions, language skills, listening skills, and how to do 18 different practical life skill tasks.


  • Ladybug Life Cycle Worksheets and Activities


    Ladybug Life Cycle Worksheets and Activities

    8 Pages of Ladybug Life Cycle Activities for teaching the life cycle.

    Perfect for Preschool and Kindergarten Science

  • Montessori Winter Animals Theme Activities


    Montessori Winter Animals Theme Activities

    This is a large bundle with beautiful real-life pictures and Montessori inspired activities including language, math, zoology and more for children 3-8 years old.

  • Alphabet Picture Cards


    Alphabet Picture Cards are a lovely way of working on the alphabet, phonogram review, labeling, sight words, and speech with your child. You can also use these with small objects for a simple object match game, matching capital to lowercase letters, or as a memory game to match up words and pictures, or letters and pictures.