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Animals and Continents Printables


Montessori inspired Geography bundle is 39 pages of Hands-on Learning.

It is filled with real-life animal pictures with seven color-coded Continents and cards. This animals and continents bundle is geared towards 3-6 year olds. You will have 3-part cards of each of the 7 Continents and animals that live on that Continent.

You also get a control card for each Continent that is great for checking work or use for an object to picture matching for younger children. .

The animals are beautiful real-life images perfect for use in a classroom or homeschool.


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Animals and Continents Printables Bundle

There are several different ways to use these Animal and Continent Printables. Your children can use these as 3 part cards, sort the animals by continent, Match the animals to a world map, match the animal names to the animal pictures, Match animal figures to the animal cards, and more!

This is a gorgeous group of animals from all over the world.