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V is for Volcano

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This past week we have been having a lot of fun exploring Volcano’s. In fact we learned a lot more this week than just the letter V. Let’s just say Science was a top priority for these boys.
Here Little B is putting together his own V book.
I think he did a great job writing all of his V words. This Volcano learning pack was free from Me and Marie.
Then we set out to experiment. This is an activity pulled from one of my favorite places, Pinterest.
Watch how Lava works.
They listened to Lava bubbling up.
I love happy faces and fun times while learning.
Click here to get the instructions to make your own lava experiment.
Next up, it wouldn’t be a Natural beach living learning week with out actually making a volcano. I used Black rocks from the Dollar Store, a Volcano tray like this one from Amazon (I actually like the one from Amazon better than ours). I also surprised the boys with Primary Science Sets . I added in some baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring, we were set.
The Learning Resources Science Set was totally worth getting. I’m so excited to have them(I purchased 2) this year to go along with our homeschooling.
I had happy boys this week.
Who would have thought starting off with the Letter of the week preschool would lead to all of this greatness?
I hope you have a great week of learning and come back for a visit soon.

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