Unicorn Valentine Box

This Unicorn Valentine Box is so simple and adorable!

  • Smallish, squarish box (the one used here is about 6 inches square and if your box is not already the color you want you can wrap it in paper or paint it)
  • Triangle party hat - they work perfectly as the unicorn's horn with no printer or tricky cutting needed!
  • Ribbons or gift bow
  • Hot glue gun
  • Exacto Knife or scissors
Helpful but optional extra supplies:
  • Glitter & sequins
  • Black and sparkling pipe cleaners
  • Glittery pom poms (if needed for the eyes, a black marker, otherwise use the black pipe cleaner)
  • Standard gift wrapping tape
  1. Before you doing anything, you'll need to decide which sides will be the top and front of the box.

  2. Once you have that choice made, you're going to start on the BACK side of the box. Use a standard piece of tape that is about 4 inches long as your guide for cutting out the mail slot using either scissors or an Exacto Knife.

  3. Next, remove the elastic from the party hat and then use hot glue to secure it to the top of the box, in the middle and slightly to the front of the box.

  4. Next, it's time to glue your ribbons in place. *Tip, I cut off all of the extra old sticky parts and just put the glue on the small stapled area so it would not show.

  5. I used hot glue to secure a few of the individual ribbon curls in place as well, I did this strategically so they would cover some of the seams in the box.

  6. Now it's time to glue on the embellishments. Start with the larger pompoms and then add the glitter and sequin areas *Tip: work in one spot at a time so the glue won't harden before you can add everything on.

  7. Take and wrap the glitter pipe cleaners around an extra glue stick to get the spirals and then glue them in place.

  8. Grab the black pipe cleaner pieces and cut them to about 2 inches long and then shape them with our fingers so you have the shape you want Tip: I used images online of different unicorn eyelashes for inspiration.

  9. Once you have them like you like them, hot glue these onto the front of the box.

  10. Give the box a few minutes for all of the glue to totally dry and then give it a good tap off to make sure all of the loose glitter comes off.