Exploring Montessori Sensory Play with Babies


Like us, babies experience this world through their senses. Dr Maria Montessori shared her beliefs that sensorial experiences begins at birth. Through senses the child/baby is studying, learning and beginning to understand the environment. The first few years of a child's life are the most important years for brain developmental, so it is important to let your baby experience things and be able to use all of their senses. … [Read more...]

Blueberries For Sal Activities (BFIAR)

blueberriesbfiar 1

I can't think of many things that are better then incorporating fun hands on learning activities with great books. So for today I am sharing an exciting week of learning activities to go with the book Blueberries For Sal. We love this book and I am sure it will be a favorite in your house too. … [Read more...]

A Little Bird Told Me Wednesday (Linky Party 3)

Linky 3

It's a fun filled Valentine extravaganza around here lately. With Valentine's Day approaching I really wanted to share a few more fun activities and recipes. When I saw these I knew they would be perfect for you. We have something for everyone, so whether you like to bake up delicious healthy treats, put together a few easy Valentine projects for the house, or you are looking for fabulous kids activities you'll find it here. … [Read more...]

Montessori~Practical Life (Free Printable Chore Chart)

12 months of Montessori learning series, Maria Montessori www.naturalbeachliving.com

Welcome to the first month of our Montessori Learning Series. Here you will find tips, information, activities, free printables, giveaways and more. Everything a fun-filled Montessori adventure can be. I am so excited to get started. So whether you are looking to implement just a few things here and there, or you want to go all out 100% Montessori I know we can help. For month 1 we are Bringing you Practical Life Skills. … [Read more...]

FREE DIY Mini-Course: Rediscover Your Inner Creative Genius (one week only)

Free DIY mini course redisover your inner genius get creative

I've always thought of myself as a creative person, not Martha Stewart by any means but I think I can hold my own. I love creating things with the kids and adding touches to our house to make it more homey. The past few years however, I feel like I've had a lot less time to be crafty and it's always getting put on the back burner. I mean don't get me wrong I still try to make time, but I know I could use a little DIY pick me up. That is why when I saw this FREE 4 step DIY mini-course I was all … [Read more...]

A Little Bird Told Me Wednesday (Linky Party #1)

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I am so excited to be teaming up with some lovely ladies to bring you A Little Bird Told Me Wednesday Linky Party on Natural Beach Living. If you aren't familiar with this type of party I'm here to tell you you're going to love it. This is when hundreds of bloggers share their best posts from the week and we pick a few to feature. It is always a hard decision, but I always keep you in mind, and try to think of what you are going to love. … [Read more...]