Shark Week for Kids ~Free Printables (Linky 25)

linky25 sharkweek

Shark week!!!! It’s fun, exciting, and a bit scary. Do you ever check out some of the amazing shark week shows on the Discovery Channel? Do you read shark books, check out the sharks at the aquarium, or make shark crafts? We do and we love it! This week I am sharing some really cool shark posts from around the web. I hope you love them as much as we do :) … [Read more...]

Awesome Shark Activities, Crafts, Books, and more (Free Printables)


We love Shark Week! I don't know about at your house, but over the years these boys have gotten more and more into sharks. It's exciting and they have learned so many new things. For the past year we have allowed them to check out some of the amazing shark week shows on the Discovery Channel. That has really excited them and kept their interest for sharks alive. These Cool shark activities and free printables will get your children excited to explore and discover the sharks of the world. … [Read more...]

Montessori Inspired Zoology ~ Body Coverings (Free Printables & Giveaway)


Welcome back to 12 months of Montessori learning where you get ideas, activities, free printables, and so much more. Each month we put together themed activities and share them with you, in hopes that you discover new ways to incorporate Montessori into your life. This month I am super excited to explore zoology. Don't miss the giveaway towards the bottom of the page. … [Read more...]

Hands on Learning Preschool Activities (Linky 23)

linky23 preschool

Hands on learning is so important for young children. When you give your children the chance to learn by doing they feel a sense of accomplishment and actually remember what they learned. Its been proven to boost their comprehension and self confidence. You can check out the many ways we enjoy hands on learning by clicking here. I hope you enjoy the amazing preschool activities being shared here today.   … [Read more...]

The Best Art Books for Kids

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One thing you might not know about me is my dad owns an art and frame gallery in Washington DC. He has had it my entire life and growing up I was always surrounded by art. Now don't confuse that as me actually being a great artist, because I definitely can't draw ;) But I do have a deep appreciation for art and hope as my children grow up they do too. That is why today I am sharing some of our favorite art books for kids. … [Read more...]

Montessori Inspired Activities (Linky 22)

linky22 montessori

Are you interested in seeing Montessori inspired activities in action? Checking out Montessori spaces and learning more about how you can incorporate Montessori into your days? I hope you said yes, because I've got a bunch of great activities and information for you today. … [Read more...]