6 Spring Preschool Themes with Lessons and Free Printables

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I really enjoy putting together themed learning activities (unit studies) and I think they are perfect for preschool age children. I am sharing six great ideas for spring preschool themes, and I packed it full of fun crafts, sensory play, science, free printables, and more. We have really enjoyed exploring these themes at our home and I hope you do too. … [Read more...]

Teach Early Reading Skills with Hands on Learning


I think one of the things that almost all parents worry about is teaching their children how to read. It can be scary, but also one of the most rewarding. I am sure you can imagine the feeling when you have two children showing interest. I'd say the best word to describe my feeling going into it this year was challenging. I was excited to get started and excited that my children had a love for books already. My goal today is to share easy ways for you to teach early reading skills. I love all of … [Read more...]

Under The Sea Preschool Activities


We have been having so much fun with our themed preschool activities lately. If you missed any you can check them out here. Today we are sharing our amazing under the sea activities. I am sure you will find a few things you absolutely love. Whether your kids enjoy hands on learning, sensory play, games, STEM learning, or Montessori you are going to see it all. The great thing about themed activities is you can incorporate so much. Let's get started. … [Read more...]

Exploring Things Up In the Sky (Free Printables)

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When I was coming up with my preschool themes for this season I tried to think of all of my kids and what they love. However, I also wanted to try out some new things. Even though Bells isn't really into airplanes, jets, or helicopters, I wasn't going to let that stop me from introducing her to things that are up in the sky. My boys...they always love this fun theme. You can download your free math cards at the bottom of the page.   … [Read more...]

Helpful Parenting Tips (Linky 15)


Parenting is so wonderful!!! It can also be trying at times, scary, overwhelming, amazing and so many other things. Children don't come with their own manual as we all know. It is our job to learn about them, enjoy them, help them, guide them, and of course love them no matter what. I hope these wonderful and very helpful parenting articles are a blessing to you today. You can also check out all of the great posts being linked up at the bottom. … [Read more...]

Montessori Inspired Botany for Kids (Giveaway)

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Connecting children with the great outdoors is so important. In fact, nature inspires creativity in children and allows children to use all of their senses. Are you a fan of nature studies? If you have been here for awhile you know how much we love nature. It's become a big part of our daily lives and I truly feel like the kids are happier and healthier for getting outside and exploring nature. I hope you love the Montessori inspired botany activities we are sharing with you today. We also have … [Read more...]

Simple Ways to Enjoy Nature with Kids (Linky 14)


It's another great week for A Bird Told Me Wednesday Linky party and this week we are enjoying this wonderful spring weather. I am featuring several wonderful posts on simple ways to enjoy nature with kids. You can find crafts, free printables, eco friendly living, and great Earth day activities. Enjoy!!! … [Read more...]

Fun Preschool Farm Activities (Free Printables)


Do you have themed learning for your preschoolers? Whether you homeschool or not, themes can be so much fun. They can be child-led or prepared ahead of time, but it's been proven time and time again, when children enjoy what they are doing they soak up knowledge and stay excited. Today we are sharing part of our Down on the Farm preschool week. Make sure you don't miss your free printables of these sweet farm babies towards the bottom of the page. … [Read more...]