Observing & Learning Backyard Birds with Free Printables

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Ever since our boys were little they've been interested in birds. Backyard Birds became even more exciting when we studied John James Audubon a couple of years ago. In fact, bird watching has become such a wonderful part of our homeschooling even Bells has taken an interest in it already. When I saw this Backyard Birds Toob from Safari Ltd. I knew I wanted to do something special that all of the kids could enjoy.   … [Read more...]

Goodnight Moon Treasure Basket (BFIAR)

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One of the best things you can do for a child is read to them. Start young and raise them up to love books. So much can be learned, explored and enjoyed by reading books. The Well-Trained Mind goes into detail about how important and how far children can go just by being exposed to good books. We love to take that idea and make it go even farther by incorporating fun activities to go with great books. … [Read more...]

Montessori and Attachment Parenting


I'd like to start by saying I just love how Age of Montessori is filled with such wonderful and helpful information. I have been enjoying a few of their professional webinars and each time I've had so many Ah Ha moments. Their motto, Training Teachers and Parents to Awaken the Child's Potential is an amazing motto to have and I can say they do a fabulous job at living up to that. … [Read more...]

Montessori Geography and Culture (Giveaway)

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Welcome back to 12 months of Montessori Learning. This month is filled with ways to explore, enjoy, and learn all about the world. You will find activities and lessons for children of all ages. Get ready to peek inside other cultures and learn about this wonderful world we live in. I have the best surprise for you at the bottom of the page so make sure you don't miss it :) … [Read more...]

Starry Night Reading Fort

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Have I told you how much I love decorating? I can't help myself, I just love decorating, redecorating, making things pretty and changing a space or room to fit the need. When I heard about several bloggers getting together to create forts, I was all in. What child doesn't love forts? Whether they are cozy reading corners, or full on outdoor play spaces, I knew my kids would love it.   … [Read more...]

A Little Bird Told Me Wednesday (Linky party 5)

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My list of fabulous DIY activities and items is growing daily. I'm sure a lot of you can probably relate. With Pinterest, Blogs and Facebook I am constantly seeing great ideas to add to my to do list. So why not feature a few for you?! These are AMAZING and the best part is they seem easy enough for us to do. Okay the quilt might be a stretch for me, but I could try ;) … [Read more...]

Geography for Toddlers & Preschoolers with Early Explorers

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If you have spent some time here at Natural Beach Living you already know that we love geography. If this is your first time here I hope our love for learning comes out. For years we have been enjoying learning all about different places and different cultures. I think it's important to start introducing geography at a young age and Early Explorers really helps with that.   … [Read more...]

Traveling Asia Continent Study

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 We have really enjoyed traveling Asia for a fabulous continent study. It started off with an amazing journey through China. Check out how we explored and learned all about The great Wall of China with our edible wall, plus see how exploring different foods brings a great experience into your journey.  We will end our Asia Continent Study with trying out more food, learning the flags, animals, experiencing the culture, and so much more. Is your Asia continent box ready? If not don't worry, … [Read more...]