Holiday Activities for Kids (Share it Saturday)

Holiday books and activities for toddler, preschool, kindergarten

It's holiday time here at Natural Beach Living and I just love celebrating with you each week. In fact this week I am sharing great holiday activities and books for kids. I hope you are ready to get crafting,  find a reading buddy, and get snacking because we have so many fun things for you to do.  Don't you just love the holidays?! … [Read more...]

8 Easy Ways to Teach Your Toddler a Foreign Language

Teach your toddler a foreign language

Isn't the thought of teaching your child another language exciting? If you have a baby or toddler at home, now is the perfect time to start. With language developing  (as far as them speaking) around 10 months you can get an early start introducing other languages. Don't forget sign language, we started signing at a very young age and they could easily tell me the basics of what they needed. Milk, please, thank you, more, hungry... Start with the easy words that you use often and your toddler … [Read more...]

Waldorf Toys for Preschoolers

waldorf toys for preschool gift guide

If you have been enjoying Natural Beach Living for awhile, then you have probably seen me share our love for Waldorf. If you are new here please take a few minutes to look around.  The Waldorf Steiner education practices hands on learning  activities, while providing a lovely natural environment perfectly suited for creative play. That is one of the things that really draws me into loving Waldorf. Today my focus is on sharing some favorite Waldorf toys for preschoolers. Here you will find open … [Read more...]

DIY Activities and Natural Play for Share it Saturday

natural diy sis pin

Natural learning and playing comes easy for children. They love to tinker, create, explore, and cuddle. So I was lucky to find perfect natural play activities and DIY fun for Share it Saturday. I am sure you will find something you love from these featured posts. I know I did. Affiliate links may be found throughout this blog see my disclosure for more details. … [Read more...]

Best Montessori Preschool Gift Guide


This is a wonderful guide of some of our favorite Montessori inspired items that we love to incorporate into our preschool learning. Maria Montessori was such an inspiration and her philosophy for children is among the best of all times.  Here at Natural Beach Living we use a variety of different methods. We feel that our family as a whole can get a lot out of meshing Montessori, Waldorf, Reggio and Charlotte Mason into our days. The great thing about homeschooling is I can easily mix what works … [Read more...]

Early Explorers for Preschoolers


Little Passports has introduced a great new way for your preschooler to see the world, with their very own Early Explorers Kit. We have been using Little Passports for a year now with our Elementary boys and absolutely love it. In fact each month they are so excited to see where we will be traveling to next. We have learned origami, became archaeologists, and learned how to speak Aussie. I can't tell you how thrilled I am to now have a fun and easy way to include the younger children. Early … [Read more...]

Parenting Tips for Share it Saturday

parenting tips

Parenting is a hard yet completely fulfilling and rewarding gift. Most days for me seem absolutely perfect, however I do have those days once in awhile when I'm wondering where the hidden camera is. Like tonight for instance when my youngest son was lassoing his pj pants around the room after bathtime, while running naked. I'm sure it would have been a sight seeing me tagging along behind him trying to get his shirt over his head, while the pants were being flung everywhere. Yes, I am sure I … [Read more...]

Iesodo: Joy The Perfect Family Movie for Christmas


We love family movie nights. It is a time when we can all relax together, cuddle, hang out and enjoy time as a family. The question is what does a family watch together that everyone can enjoy. Several months ago we learned about Iesodo, these movies are based on the Best Selling Book of All Time. Bringing your favorite New Testament stories to life in a fun new way. With a wise dove(Iesodo) leading the way, his friends always choose the right path. These movies are simply … [Read more...]

Terrific Toddler Activities for Share it Saturday


Toddlers are always changing, growing, and learning, that is why this week I wanted to focus on toddler activities. There were so many amazing choices so I picked out a few of my favorites to share with you. I was so excited about them I spent the day printing and laminating for my toddler. Featured here today you will find counting, alphabet, animals, printables and many other perfect activities.  These Match and Count Cards from Powerful Mothering are so fun.Stir the Wonder is … [Read more...]

I am so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers


I have always thought of summer as my favorite season, because the beach is my absolute favorite place to be. I have to admit as I have matured and had kids I have grown fonder of the beauty of autumn. It is a time I find myself pulled back into my love for nature and all of the amazing things surrounding us. Our love of autumn runs deep, so grab yourself some hot cider and stay awhile. We have so much to share. We love to make natural creations outside. Little B and Bells created this … [Read more...]