5 Therapeutic Benefits of Fidget Spinners

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Therapeutic Benefits of Fidget Spinners

While there hasn’t been an in-depth study regarding fidget spinners, you will find that many parents of anxious, fidgety children have seen that there therapeutic benefits. Sometimes you must go with what you know works for your children, even if the world hasn’t taken the time to create a research study on whether this is deemed accurate. If you are a parent who is debating whether or not fidget spinners will be a good investment for your child, then read on to learn some of the possible therapeutic benefits of fidget spinners.

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Benefits of Fidget Spinners

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Calms Nerves

Children who have a lot of appointments, go to school, or have anxiety naturally may start to feel anxious at certain times. Having a fidget spinner in their hand during these times will give the child something to focus on and perhaps calm them enough to speak more or learn more during hard times.

Fidget Spinners give your hands something to do, something to focus on.


Distracts from the Issue or Episode

Fidget spinners give children something to focus on besides the issue at hand. Children with Autism are known to have meltdowns, which usually stem from not knowing how to cope with a new situation, sudden change or high level of emotions. Parents can use fidget spinners as a distraction technique to help children.

Calm Down Kits are also a great thing to have on hand.


Helps Focus

Often time’s children with ADHD have a harder time focusing because there are just too many things going on around them. When you give a child with ADHD a fidget spinner, it allows them to have something in their hand so that they can redirect their mind to listening to what their parents or teacher is saying. Often by calming the mind, you can learn so much easier.


Similar to Stress Ball

While fidget spinners may move more than your average stress ball, these toys give a therapeutic benefit to children who may not respond well to the average stress ball. Having fidget spinners on the market for children just opens the doors to new options for parents and therapists to try to use as a means to help children focus during high anxiety moments.

We Love These DIY Stress Balls!

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While each of these therapeutic benefits of fidget spinners shared today is an opinion, one can easily see how having something in our hands can help offset the emotions we feel during high anxiety moments. Perhaps your child fidgets because they need one thing to focus on. A fidget spinner may work for this child when other items do not. Whether you agree on the therapeutic benefits of fidget spinners shared today or not, the key is that each child is different and having multiple tools available for parents and professionals to try is well worth it.

 Learn more about The History of Fidget Spinners here.


I’m not saying go out and buy ten Fidget Spinners; I’m not even suggesting fidget spinners are right for your child. I’m just saying that they can have benefits and work great for some kids. You’re the mom; you know what is right.

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