How to Teach a Child to Read

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There are so many methods in which you can utilize to teach your child to read. The first step for any parent seeking to teach their little one to read is to figure out how your child learns best. Each of us raises different children who have varying ways of learning. Hopefully by reading this list of tips on how to teach a child to read and then mold each tip into something that will help your child be successful in your mission to teach them how to read.

Teach a child to read

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How to Teach a Child to Read


Read to Your Children

This can start from day one. Reading to your child helps them develop proper language skills. They learn how to pronounce words, as they follow along with you they learn the letters of words. Not only does reading to your toddler encourage them to learn language skills, it encourages a future love of books. Reading to your child is the first stepping stone towards teaching them how to read.


Identify Letters

Make it a habit to talk about letters and words that are around your child every day. Perhaps while reading to your child or at the grocery store, show them the letter or signs and say them aloud. This practice on a regular basis helps your child to recognize letters and words in a visual way which is a secondary step to teaching your child to read. They must learn to recognize letters as well as understand how to pronounce the sound as they get older.


Play with your Kids

Purchase tools like alphabet magnets and other hands on activities that incorporate letters into playtime. Children learn great when they can play and learn at the same time. Playing with your children eliminates the stress or pressure they may feel when trying to learn how to read. Teaching a child to read is all about encouraging them by setting up an environment that incorporates learning into their daily life. A lifestyle of learning.

Be Your Child’s Best Example

Last, but certainly not least, remember to be a good reader yourself. Your children look up to you and will learn to do what you do. In the case of teaching your child to read, they will be more interested in books if they see you are taking time each day to read. Consider creating one time of day where everyone in the house curls up to a book and reads. In our house, read aloud time is one of our favorite times of the day.  Young children will have a short attention span so provide them with a basket or shelf filled with books to “read” or puzzles to play with while you read aloud.

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There are so many great ideas for how to teach a child to read these are just a few ways to get you started.


Taking the time to create a home environment that encourages your child to grab a book or play with toys that incorporate the alphabet into playtime is the perfect way to teach your child how to read. It will take time, a lot of patience from you and much guidance to teach your child to read. If you take the time to develop a daily routine and have a lifestyle of learning be a huge part of your child’s life, you will soon see they learn to read naturally.


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